Injection Mold Making
A successful plastic part starts with a well-designed and precision machined mold. Relying on our extensive expertise, we help customers design and manufacture with tight tolerance, reliable, performance quality injection molds at competitive prices and short development cycles.
  • Proven mold design solution
  • Moldflow analysis
  • ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949 certified
  • Tolerance within ±0.0002 in (0.01mm)
  • 24/7 engineering support
  • Over 100+ mold surface finishes
  • Mold prices from the US $ 800

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Our Mold Making Work Processes
Our experienced mold engineers can design simple and complex single cavity, multi-cavity, slider, core pulling mold, family mold. A variety of complex actions can be built into your mold, depending on the complexity of the injection molded part, to ensure get the ideal look and function.
Mold Design
We offers complete injection mold manufacturing services ranging from design to prototyping to machining. Especially for tight tolerance, multi- cavity, complex structure of plastic parts.
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Mold Machining
Our 5-axis high-speed CNC, precision EDM and skilled mechanics ensure that we can produce high quality molds. We can offer tolerances up to 2 microns for your plastic products.
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Mold Trial & Sampling
The mold trail and sampling is not only the good or bad test of the mold design solution but also the test of whether the machining meeting the design tolerance.
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Types of Plastic Injection Molds
We offer various types of injection mold, depending on your request and applications. Our various kinds of mold machining equipment, experienced engineers team can support your any mold development needs. Attractive Plastics always is your reliable injection mold partner.
Family Molds
A family mold contains a number of cores / cavities of differing shapes and sizes. it can reduce mold cost by accepting dissimilar shapes into the same mold.
Family Molds
Unscrewing Molds
Unscrewing mold refer to a technique that uses motor rotation or other means to make the threaded plastic products can be stripping smoothly. unscrewing Mold main making plastic cap with thread.
Unscrewing Molds
Collapsible Core Molds
Using a mechanically driven collapsible cores which plastic parts with threads or indentations can be quickly demoulded using only one stripping plate, with many advantages of simple structure, short cycle, and less product deformation.
Collapsible Core Molds
Double Injection Molds
Two-color injection molding usually refers to producing a plasitc parts with two different types of plastic materials or two different colors in a single injection molding.
Double Injection Molds
Micro Molding-Micro
Insert molding is an injection molding process where inserts are placed into the mold and molten plastic occurs molding around them, combining them to create a single finished product.
Insert Molding Molds
Overmolding/2K Molds
Overmolding is a injection molding process refer to combines two or more molded plastic or elastomer parts into a single finished product.
Overmolding/2K Molds
Multi-Cavity Molds
A multi-cavity mold has more than one cavity of the same part, and it produces more than one part per production cycle. it can increase throughput and achieve a lower favorable per-unit cost.
Multi-Cavity Molds
Bump Offs Molds
In bump off mold, without using a sliding structure, the cavity is moved away the plasitc part is free to easily stretch “bumping over” the undercut feature, finish stripping is called bump-off molding.
Bump Offs Molds
China Premium Injection Mold Manufacturer
Our custom injection molds can meet part designs and the injection molding requirements of that various industry. We serve cusotmers in the automotive, medical, aerospace industries, consumer goods among others.
While molds looks very similar, part quantities, shot life, quality documentation, and pricing vary depending on which service option is chosen. The right selection depends on your project needs. We help you get ideal molded plastic parts effectively, easily.
How do We Control Mold Quality?
Optimized Design for Manufacturability
We incorporate design for manufacturability (DFM) into every aspect of injection molding, from part design to mold design and development, material selection and injection molding processing. It helping avoid late design modification, saving time and money. Our optimized designs for manufacturability ensure cost-effective tooling and part success to market.
Smooth Communication Process
Good communication plays an important role in actual production operations. Boring words tend to make people overlook the key points. In addition to the relevant requirements of regular drawings, we often use a variety of effective communication and timely feedback to keep the project in the best running condition at any time, and we can understand the project progress in real time to meet the project timeline.
Injection Mold Materials
Mold steel is one of the important factors affecting mold life and the quality of injection molding parts. We offer multiple grades of injection mold steel used in different types plasitc applications. our engineer according to your application determine use which types of mold steel to achieve varying levels of dimensional precision and aesthetic quality.
  • Regular Mold Steel
  • High Hardness Mold Steel
  • Transparent Plastic Parts Mold Steel
  • Addition Glass Fiber Injection Mold Steel
  • Aluminum
  • BeCu(beryllium copper)
  • Stainless Steel
Regular Mold Steel
P20 is the most commonly used injection molding steel. It is the best choice for small to medium batch mold. Supplied in the pre-hardened state at HRC 30-32, it is very tough, yet fairly easily machined. etc is also commonly used injection mold steel.
Recommendation Types: P20, 718H, 2311, 738, 2738H, 2083, 2316....
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High Hardness Mold Steel
High hard mold steel is the best choice for manufacturing high quality and high volume plastic parts. Hardness can reach to HRC 50-60 after heat treatment. The price of this kind of mold steel is high and the processing cost ver high.
Recommendation Types: S7, NAK80, S136, S136H, M316, M318 etc.
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Transparent Plastic Parts Mold Steel
For high transparency, especially for optical plastic parts, it is critical to choose the mold steel suitable for transparent plastic injection molding. Mainly consider using 4Cr13 and other types of martensitic corrosion-resistant stainless steel or age-hardened steel. Nak80 S136 mold steel has excellent polishing properties and is particularly suitable for transparent plastic injection molding.
Recommendation Types:420, NAK80, S136, S136H
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Addition Glass Fiber Injection Mold Steel
Injection molding of plastics containing glass fiber is a major challenge to the mold because of the need to consider the wear resistance of the mold.Mainly consider using Cr12MoV and other types of high wear-resistant quenched steel. This type of mold requires heat treatment and the machining cost is relatively high.
Recommendation Types: H13, S136, S136H etc.
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Because the cost of aluminum molds is much lower than that of traditional steel and carbon steel injection molds, it is often used in the small batch production test market
Recommendation Types: 6061, 5052, 7075
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BeCu(beryllium copper)
Beryllium copper has excellent cooling effect, commonly used mold core, cavity insert, to quickly achieve fast cooling mold.
Recommendation Types: BeCu
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Stainless Steel
The cost of injection molds made of stainless steel is high. They are usually only used in high volume injection molds.
Recommendation Types: 304, 420, 430, 434, S136
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Why Choose Us as Your Mold Manufacturer
Attractive Plastics is committed to success through excellence in the areas of quality, reliability and value. We wish to delight all of our customers as we strive for continual improvement in every aspect of our operation.
20+ Years Mold Making Experience
Our experts ensure to produce highly precise car parts mold as our production facility has high-precision processing supplies and automobile mold injection molding machines. We can manufacture injection molding automotive parts in various surface finishes like glossy, rough, matte, etc.
Brilliant Engineers
We have a team of professional engineers who have had more than a decade's worth of experience in the automotive, medical, consumer goods electronic, optics industry. They know the demand of the industry and are ready to create plastic molding mold as per customer request.
Precision Machining Equipment
To ensure mold reliability and precision, our molds are made of hardened steel, Meanwhile, and also use precision machining and measuring equipment, include sodick mirror EDM, 5-axis high speed CNC and CMM. High precision processing equipment to guarantee our high precision during plastic mold manufacturing.
Mold Material Recommendation
As experienced mold manufacturer, we understand the need for durable materials in mold making. According to requirements, we choose the right mold materials including hard steel, BeCu etc. Our commonly used steel are: P20, 718H, H13, NAK80, S136 etc.
Proven Mold Design Solutions
The key to the success of mold design, we have rich experience in the mold design and mold making for automotive, medical and optical products. We pay attention to every detail in the mold design process, and analyze, summarize, improve -- all in order to provide high quality molds.
Quality Assurance
We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and strictly control every link in the production process, from design to final inspection. Our stringent quality assurance measures and adherence to industry standards ensure the reliability, precision and durability of your molds.
Injection Mold Classes
Mold Class Lifes Description Cavity Cost Lead Time
Class 101 Over 1,000,000 cycles This is the highest priced and complexest mold. Meet full automation and overnight production for dedicated super high-volume plastic part manufacturing. Super Multip Cavity $$$$$$ 30-45 days
Class 102 Under 1,000,000 cycles High quality, high priced mold, Need hard mold steel with an SPI A1-2 finish, automated slides, can meet medium to high volume production. Multip Cavity $$$$$ 30-35 days
Class 103 Under 500,000 cycles Use regular mold steel, automated lifts or slides, multiple re-runs with batches between 5,000-1,000 units. the most popular mold. Single or Multip Cavity $$$$ 25-30 days
Class 104 Under 100,000 cycles Low production mold, SPI B-3 finish, hand-loaded cores and limited re-runs. low cost, small batch limited production Single or Multip Cavity $$$ 20-25 days
Class 105 Under 500 cycles Low cost, Only test or prototype, produce a very limited quantity plastic parts. Single Cavity $ 10-15 days
Simply know a injection mold classification chart isn't enough, since each mold classification has unique requirement, and each part also is unique. Contact us let our mold engineer help you determine the best type of mold that meets your production life, cost and quality objectives.
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Plastic Injection Molds Surface Finishes
Mold surface finishes can increase the uniqueness of your custom injection molds, increasing visual effects, durability, friction and more. We offer a wide range of surface finishing options to help you improve the competitiveness of plastic parts in the market.
Grade Image Standard Description Peculiarity Applications
SPI - A1 A2 A3 Smooth and glossy finish For plastic parts require high smooth finish, SPI grades A1, A2 and A3 are recommended. A grade finishes are made using a diamond buffing process and yield shiny and glossy surfaces on injection molding parts. 1.High polish cost
2.Mold steel must be hot treatment
1.Automotive lense
2.Optical products
3.Clear plastic parts
SPI - B1 B2 B3 Semi-glossy finish For any plastic parts require the Semi-glossy finish, we recommend SPI grades B1, B2, and B3, B grade finishes use grit sandpaper to treat mold with a slightly rougher finish than grade A plastic parts. The injection molding plastic parts that undergo B grade finishing have a matte surface texture. The semi-glossy finish is often used to remove processing marks. Low cost 1.Consumer goods inside parts
2.Electronic plastic parts
3.Any need semi-glossy finish plasitc parts
SPI - C1 C2 C3 Matte finish For plastic parts require a matte finish, SPI grades C1, C2, C3 are recommended. C grade finishes use grit sanding stones to process a mold surface. The injection molding plastic parts with C grade finishing have a matte surface texture. Nice visual or touch 1.Electronic plastic parts
2.Industry plastic parts
3.Consumer goods
4.Medical device
5.Any need matte finish plasitc parts
SPI - D1 D2 D3 Textured finish D grade finishes use grit and dry glass beads or oxide to produce a very rough textured finish. Depending on the type of material used, products can have a satin or dull finish. A textured surface offers a nice visual surface, Increase friction, conceals molding defects etc. 1.Automotive interior parts
2.Office goods
3.Industry plastic parts
4.Consumer goods
5.Electronic plastic parts
6.Medical device
VDI 3400 LVDI 3400 texture The VDI 3400 surface finish is produce using Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) erosion mold. we also can using classic texturing techniques such as laser etching or Sandblasting making them. 1.high cost
2.long machining time
3.Prefect surface
1.Automotive interior
2.Electronic & electrical components
3. Medical devices
3.Office goods
4. Consumer goods
Mold-tech Mold-tech standard texture Mold-Tech surface finish is through chemical etching or laser etching modification of the mold cavity. Each is represented by an MT- followed by a five-digit code, such as MT-11540. 1. high cost
2. long machining time
3. Nice surface appearance
1.Automotive interior
2.Electronic & electrical components
3.Home appliance
4.Medical devices
3.Office goods
4. Consumer goods
Bead Blasting The size of the sand material can be selected according to the requirements. The size of the sand material determines the texture thickness of the mold surface. 1. Medium cost
2. Not suitable for processing molds containing fiberglass plastic materials
1.Automotive interior
2.Electronic & electrical components
3.Home appliance
4.Medical devices
3.Office goods
4. Consumer goods
Injection Mold Design Guide
This complete reference guide walks you through everything from quoting, design analysis, and shipment to best practices that ensure your model is optimized for molding.
Gallery of Injection Molds
Dive into Attractive Plastics’s extensive gallery that showcases some of our completed automotive, medical, electronic, consumer good injection molding parts and take confidence that we can create your injection molding project according to your strict specifications.
Reviews from Our Customers
A customer’s words have a more substantial persuasion than a company’s claims. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers and here are some reviews they give us.
I was able to fully understand the work we had agreed with him and the work he was doing with his team. The mulds and products they made exceeded our expectations. We will purchase more plastic products and molds from them, and push my colleagues to do the same.
Amber Andreaco
Project Manager
Attractive Plastics' mold design solutions are proven to be professional and reliable. They Not only help me optimize the original design dwg, they but also provided a variety of injection mold designs to choose from. we admire their engineering expertise. We will strengthen our cooperation with them in the future.
Brad Reid
General Manager
Although we only purchase plastic products, we can feedback from the quality of the products that they really spend a lot of time on the molds manufacturing. We purchase over two million products from them every year. The quality has been very stable and there have been no complaints.
Steve Dowling
Vice President
They are very professional and experienced in the field of transparent plastic injection molding. Attractive Plastics produced a product that completely exceeded our expectations and was priced fairly. They strictly control quality from all aspects such as tooling steel selection, mold processing, and polishing.
Arpita Mujumdar
Purchasing Manager
I think Attractive Plastics is a very professional company in the field of medical device injection molding. They gave us a lot of help in material selection, mold making, production and molding, especially in mold making for our products, they paid great attention to details, and they helped me make double injection molds very successfully.
Laura Velarde
Operations Director
Our Injection Molding Service for Various Industries
Our plastic injection molding process is suitable for solve the various demands of industries, including the automotive, medical, electronic & electrical and consumer goods fields
Optical Clear Products
Consumer Goods
Electronic & Electrical
Are You Looking to Become More Competitive? let's discuss your project.
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Injection Mold Making FAQs

What is a injection mold?

An injection mold is a mold used for plastic part production. It forms the required shaped parts by injecting molten plastic into the mold cavity, where it cools and solidifies. Some key things to know about injection tooling include:

  • Injection molds are composed of multiple parts, including pouring system, core, cavity, mold closing guide mechanism, molding parts, exhaust system, product launch and reset system, side core pulling mechanism and mold heating or cooling channel, etc. These parts work together to complete the plastic injection molding process.
  • Injection molding tooling is normally made of hardened tool steels for durability and longevity. Materials like carburized steel are commonly used.
  • The injection tooling needs to consider elements like temperature controls, coating/plating, upkeep to ensure quality production over long lifecycles.

How much does a injection mold cost?

The complexity of your plastic parts and the number of cavities are major factors in determining cost. The mold costs range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is the lead time of the injection mold?

A tipycal injection tooling lead time is 30-35days, depending on the specific requirements of your project, including of the number of cavities, mold structure, and the size of the mold.

What’s your mold making capability?

We have a number of professional mold designers, as well as experienced technical engineers team, a number of precision high-speed CNC, sinker EDM, wire EDM etc mold manufacturing equipment. All of these are guaranteed to produce super standard precision molds for you.

What are the key considerations during mold making?

There are a few things to consider When mold making including:

  • Part Complexity
  • Mold structure design
  • Lifetime of the mold
  • Cavity number
  • Production volume
  • Mold cost


What is a SPI Mold Classifcation?

A SPI Mold Classification is a system used to categorize molds based on their quality and performance. SPI stands for “Society for the Promotion of injection Molding” and was developed as a way to standardize mold evaluation and classification methods. This classification system provides clear guidelines for quoting and ordering molds according to the production needs, with options available.

  • Class 101 Mold: Class 101 molds are the most advanced, designed for very high volume automated production over 1 million cycles. They utilize the highest grade materials and precision machining with optional features like spares kits.
  • Class 102 Mold: Class 102 molds are also for medium-high volumes under 1 million cycles, constructed with high quality materials but may omit some standard Class 101 features.
  • Class 103 Mold: Class 103 are general purpose molds for medium production under 500K cycles, with design drawings and recommended cooling.
  • Class 104 Mold: Class 104 molds are for low volumes under 100K cycles and more economical materials.
  • Class 105 Mold: Class 105 prototype molds can be made of any suitable material for initial feasibility runs under 500 cycles.

What role does mold play in the injection molding process?

Injection molding relies on the mold to produce plastic products, melted plastic, is injected into the mold, such as resin cooling and hardening, it is removed from the mold, plastic products are formed. High quality molds are essential for the production of high quality parts.

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