Injection Mold Design FAQs

Can I review the mold design?

As the owner of the mold, you have the full right to review and approve the mold design before the mold is built. We won’t start production until you approve it.

How long does a typical mold design take?

Depending on the complexity of the product structure, it generally ranges from 3-7 days.

What does your mold design package include?

Our mold design package includes: 3D drawing, 2D drawing, especially in the 2D drawing, will indicate the key elements of processing, such as material grade, processing sequence, dimensional tolerances, etc., which are essential to ensure the normal production and dimensional accuracy of the mold.

What process will you use to make the mold?

Injection molds are usually manufactured by CNC machining or EDM process. Generally, CNC is used to process the mold contour, and EDM is usually used to process some complex features that CNC cannot process, such as deep ribs, holes, sharp corners, etc.

Can I get the mold design solution before place the official order?

Yes, such a mold design scheme will be simpler, but it will clearly express our design ideas.

Injection Mold Design Resources
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