Top 15 Micro Molding Companies In the World
              Update: May 17, 2024

Top 15 Micro Molding Companies In the World


According to our statistics, there are millions of injection molding companies worldwide. Some plastic injection molding factories produce their own products, while others provide customized injection molding services. Among these plastic molding enterprises, micro-molding enterprises account for about 5%. The high threshold is the primary reason restricting their entry. There are both cost and technical reasons.

Today, we collected and organized well-known micro-molding manufacturers worldwide and described each company’s advantages in detail. If you are looking for a micro injection molding injection molder, these companies can provide a reference for you.

Micro Molding Overview

Micro molding is a specialized manufacturing process used to create small, highly detailed plastic parts. It is predicted that the size of the global microinjection molding market will reach US$1.58 billion by 2024. Some key aspects of micro molding include:


Micro molding uses precision molds and complex injection molding machines to form miniature plastic parts with feature sizes often less than 1 mm. Tight tolerances on the order of microns allow for creating intricate microscale detail.


Areas where micro molding is applied include electronics, medical devices, optics and more. It enables manufacturing small components for technologies like microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip devices, micro-optics and MEMS.


Specialty engineering thermoplastics like LCP, PEEK, Nylon, PMMA and PP are commonly used as they can achieve high resolutions. Epoxies and silicones are also suitable for certain micro molded parts.


Producing very small parts with fine detail poses challenges in areas like mold design/machining, precise process control and handling/assembling finished micro parts. Sophisticated equipment and production techniques are required


Founded In: 1980
Location: Cardiff, UK
Business Type: Plastic molding manufacturer, micro molding supplier, injection molding manufacturer
Products and services: Medical injection molding, micro injection molding

Company profile: Biplas is an medical injection molding company headquartered in the UK. They specialize in medical molding, micro injection molding and have certified cleanroom facilities to produce medical devices and biopharmaceutical packaging. As one of the top medical molding companies in the UK, they ensure all products have precision and excellence. They also excel in precision plastic machining and provide precise machining equipment to meet customer needs. As molding experts, they provide high-quality solutions to customers through design, mold making and injection production.

Biplas Injection Molding is an innovative design, injection mold making company based in the UK, focusing on highly demanding and specialized fields. As a leading medical injection molding company in the UK, they have professional expertise in technical injection molding, medical molding, component design, mold design as well as plastic precision machining. They are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, assisting the manufacturing process from design to final product.

MTD Micro Molding


Founded In: 1972
Location: Charlton, MA
Business Type: plastic molding manufacturer, injection mold maker, micro mold corp,
Products and services: Micro molding and Medical devices manufacturing, medical micro molding, micro insert molding, custom micro injection molding.

Company profile: MTD Micro Molding is a specialized company dedicated to the field of medical micro molding, offering comprehensive expertise in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative medical devices. With a strong focus on bioabsorbable materials and in-house tooling, MTD Micro Molding prides itself on its ability to provide precision components that meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

As a single-source micro plastic parts manufacturer, MTD Micro Molding streamlines the production process from material selection to the assembly of fully functional devices. Their micro molding process encompasses a wide range of specialized services including micro materials selection, part design, tooling, molding, metrology, and packaging. This end-to-end approach allows for a faster speed to market and validated production, catering to the unique needs of minimally invasive devices and micro medical components. By maintaining tight tolerances and preserving critical features, MTD Micro Molding ensures that their high-performance polymer products are reliable and effective, making them a trusted partner in medical device innovation.

Isometric Companies, Inc.


Founded In: 1990
Location: New Richmond, WI
Business Type: Custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, custom plastic mold maker, micro mold corp, micro molding inc.
Products and services: micro injection molding, micro medical injection molding, medical mold plastics

Company profile: Isometric Micro Molding is a leading micro manufacturing company that specializes in high precision plastic molded parts with micro features, thin walls, complex geometries, and tight tolerances. With over 30 years of experience, the company is renowned for its in-house capabilities in micro 3D printing, micro tooling, micro molding, micro automated assembly, and CT scanning. They cater to a wide range of industries, including medical devices, drug delivery, diabetes, microfluidics, and optics, by molding various materials such as thermoplastics, bioresorbable polymers, and LSR resins. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in their ability to achieve assembly positional accuracy of 2 microns and produce parts with micro features up to 7 inches in size.

Isometric Micro Molding’s core philosophy, “Microns Matter,” underscores their dedication to meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that their projects save and improve lives. The company’s culture of transparency, collaboration, and integrity is evident in their approach to working closely with customers as partners, from the initial design stages through to delivery. Their state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary risk assessment strategy, Microns Matter® PFMEA Process, contribute to their reputation as an industry leader in micro injection molding manufacturing solutions.

Attractive Plastics


Founded In: 2001
Location: Ningbo, China
Business Type: plastic molding manufacturer, micro molding manufacturer, micro molding factory, medical plastic injection molding company, micro injection molding companies.
Products and services: Custom micro molding, thin wall molding, high performance plastics molding manufacturing, in-mold decoration.

Company profile: Attractive Plastics is a professional provider of customized micro injection molding services. They specialize in producing highly precise plastic micro-components with tight tolerances and excellent repeatability using microinjection molding techniques. they also are good at overmolding and insert modling magnets, gas assisted injection molding, foam structural molding. Micro molding is a dedicated molding process that can manufacture extremely small parts weighing less than 1 gram and dimensions smaller than 3 millimeters. The company utilizes specialized equipment such as micro injection molding machines commonly used in applications requiring small size, high precision and lightweight components such as medical devices and electronic products. The size of microinjected parts is mainly limited by the gate size, with injection weights ranging from 0.1 grams to a few grams and part dimensions typically between 3-4 millimeters. Attractive Plastics provides customized micro molding solutions for customers through its expertise and equipment to meet the demand for high precision micro parts across various industries.

 Makuta, Inc.


Founded In: 1996
Location: Shelbyville, IN
Business Type: plastic Injection moulding manufacturer, precision injection molding, micro injection modling, micro mold manufactuer.
Company profile: Makuta Micro Molding is a specialized company renowned for its expertise in the field of micro injection molding and micro mold tooling. The company is dedicated to producing high-precision, micro-to-small sized parts with a commitment to delivering millions of zero-defect components monthly. Serving a diverse range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, microfluidics, electronics/office automation, and automotive, Makuta has established itself as a reliable source for quality and precision. Their core business revolves around the creation of micro injection molded parts that are designed to meet stringent tolerances as tight as ±5 microns, ensuring that their products not only meet but exceed customer specifications.

Operating on a 24/7 basis, Makuta Micro Molding employs advanced Sumitomo all-electric injection machines, which contribute to their high standards of precision and energy efficiency. The company’s commitment to quality is further enhanced by its use of proprietary production monitoring systems, which facilitate the production of high-volume parts with a zero-defect rate. This dedication to excellence is complemented by their full commitment to operation, ensuring that they can meet the demands of their customers every day of the week. The company’s capabilities are showcased in a highly automated cell that molds micro valves for drug delivery devices, combining advanced machinery with sophisticated process and quality control to deliver a seamless and efficient production process.

Spectrum Plastics Group


Founded In: 1949
Location: ATLANTA, GA
Business Type: plastic molding manufacturer, medical injection molding manufacturer, plastic injection molding companies, micro molding inc.
Products and services: Micro molding and Medical devices, medical equipment manufacturing, medical micro molding.

Company profile: Spectrum Plastics Group is a leading manufacturer in the medical injection molding industry, specializing in the design, development, and production of medical devices such as tubing, catheters, and injection molding components. With a global presence, the company boasts over 2,000 employees across 20 manufacturing locations, demonstrating its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to the medical community.

The company offers a full suite of services from design and prototyping to full-scale production, ensuring that their clients’ device concepts are transformed into manufacturable designs efficiently. Spectrum Plastics prides itself on its quick-turn prototyping capabilities, utilizing a vast inventory of materials and tools to expedite the development process. This agility allows for rapid production of prototypes, which is crucial for accelerating project timelines.

Moreover, Spectrum Plastics Group is adept at working with various medical device classifications, from Class I to Class III, ensuring that products are optimized for manufacturability, reliability, safety, and regulatory compliance. The company’s thought leadership in innovation and industry trends positions it as a valuable partner for staying ahead in the competitive medical device market. By focusing on these key areas, Spectrum Plastics Group continues to shape the future of medical plastics and contribute to the advancement of healthcare solutions.



Founded In: 1960
Location: Switzerland
Business Type: plastic molding manufacturer, thin wall molder, micro molder, micro insert mold making.
Products and services: Micro molding and Medical devices, medical equipment manufacturing.
Company profile: STAMM is an injection molding technology company headquartered in Switzerland, focusing on providing customized solutions for various industries and markets according to its motto “Achieving peak performance in plastics”. They provide value-added solutions continuously for customers. They offer industry solutions covering medical and pharmaceuticals, technical components as well as other markets.

STAMM provides services including engineering and mold design, mold manufacturing, production, quality and measurement as well as logistics. They collaborate with customers committed to providing optimal solutions for customers to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

As an injection molding technology company, STAMM is dedicated to achieving excellence in plastics. They innovate continuously to provide high-quality customized solutions for medical, technical components and other markets, empowering customer success.



Founded In: 1991
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Business Type: plastic injection molding manufacturer, gas assisted molding maker, micro molder, plastic injection mold companies.
Products and services: Micro molding and Medical devices, medical equipment manufacturing.
Company profile: PDC is a professional manufacturing company focusing on precision micro-molding and microfluidics technologies. Founded in 1991, it mainly provides precision injection molding and value-added assembly services for medical device and life science customers. The company has ISO13485 quality system certification.

PDC has rich experience and excellent technical strength in areas such as micro-molding, microfluidics, and microplates. It is able to provide customers with full-cycle services from concept to mass production, including mold design and manufacturing, precision molding, assembly, etc. Product quality can be effectively controlled.

They have an advanced 20,000 square foot production facility that operates entirely in cleanrooms. It is able to provide customized solutions for multiple industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, such as micro-molded components, microfluidic chips, etc. The company is highly recognized by customers and has completed over a hundred successful projects.



Founded In: 2000
Location: Ankeny, IA
Business Type: plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro injection molding manufacturer, micro molding inc
Products and services: Micro molding and Medical devices making, medical equipment manufacturing, custom micro injection molding.
Company profile: Accu-Mold is a company focused on micro-molding technology, dedicated to developing and manufacturing micro-sized, high-precision plastic parts. They have rich experience and expertise to address various challenges in the micro-molding process. Accu-Mold’s micro-molding technology can precisely control the dimensions and shapes of products to ensure each piece meets high quality standards. This enables them to provide customized micro-product solutions for customers in fields such as microelectromechanical systems, optics, and biomedical applications.

Accu-Mold places emphasis on the design and manufacturing of micro-molding molds. They fully understand that molds are extremely important in the micro-molding process, and their rational design and machining quality directly determine the molding quality of micro-products. Therefore, Accu-Mold has invested heavily in mold R&D to continuously explore and innovate. They use advanced materials and machining processes to manufacture molds with high precision, high reliability and durability for micro-molding. These molds can effectively control the flow and heat transfer of melts to ensure molding accuracy and consistency of micro-products.

Westfall Technik


Founded In: 1960
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Business Type: plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro molder, micro molding manufacturer
Products and services: Micro molding and precision injection molding manufacturing, micro insert mold manufacturing.
Company profile: WestFall Technik is a globally leading plastic molding manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and transporting diversified plastic components. The company stands out with its 100% defect-free component system and drives the improvement of technology and professional level through talents, professional knowledge and experience, becoming a new industry leader in the field of microinjection molding.

WestFall Technik actively seeks cooperation with global leading enterprises to enhance its strength and market share in the field of microinjection molding. For example, the company once acquired MoldCraft, Inc., which specializes in microplastic components and high-vacuum applications, precision injection molding manufacturer. This merger helped improve WestFall’s micro-molding capacity and enhance its product supply capabilities. As one of the leading enterprises in the microinjection molding industry, the company has a broad development prospect and is expected to maintain its leading position in future market competition.

The company has 312 injection molding machines, over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space and more than 18 global branches. WestFall Technik is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-precision components and has won customers’ trust and praise with its excellent customer service.

AdvanTech Plastics, LLC


Founded In: 1980
Location: Woodstock, IL
Business Type: plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro mold making, micro mold plastics
Products and services: Micro molding and precision molding manufacturing, custom micro injection molding.
Company profile: Advantech Plastics is a leading manufacturing company dedicated to plastic injection molding with over 30 years of experience. The company is not only a component manufacturer but also a solution provider. They focus on microinjection molding, transforming customer concepts into high-precision, high-volume plastic components to drive innovation in multiple industries such as medical, industrial, food and beverage packaging.

Advantech Plastics works closely with partners to provide innovative solutions from concept to realization. The company’s engineers are not only industry experts but also passionate problem solvers continuously seeking new efficient ways to transform designs into reality. They set new standards rather than following industry trends, pushing the technological boundaries in plastic injection molding.

Through advanced facilities, experienced engineers and stable innovation, Advantech Plastics provides customers with value, reliability and innovation. Whether you are a startup or industry giant, whether you need to optimize the supply chain or achieve a breakthrough concept, Advantech Plastics is your trusted partner. The company is committed to providing excellent customer experience and value, setting industry benchmarks in the field of microinjection molding.



Founded In: 1990
Location: Taiwan
Business Type: Custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro medical injection molding, micro mold making.
Products and services: Micro molding and precision molding manufacturing, medical micro molding, custom micro molding, micro insert molding.
Company profile: Yomura is a leading injection molding and micro-molding supplier in Taiwan with over 30 years of experience. They demonstrate expertise in microinjection molding technologies and high-precision manufacturing capabilities. The company is dedicated to producing small and precise plastic components for applications in life sciences, electronics, medical, optics, automotive and aerospace industries.

Yomura company has excellent research and development capabilities in microinjection molding. The R&D team has long been committed to developing new materials and technologies, mastering various advanced micro-molding processes and special tool design technologies. It can provide customized solutions for various micro-sized molding requirements.

Yomura’s expertise and technologies in microinjection molding have made it an industry leader. Microinjection molding is used to manufacture small and precise plastic components through tool design for applications in life sciences, electronics, medical, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. The company focuses on dimensions of micro parts, micro features and micro tolerance measurements in microinjection molding to ensure components meet the required accuracy specifications.

Veejay Plastic


Location: Woodstock, IL
Business Type: Custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro mold maker
Products and services: Micro molding and precision molding manufacturing, medical micro molding
Company profile: Veejay Plastic is a dedicated microinjection molding custom injection service provider with over 40 years of experience. They specialize in producing microinjection molded parts that are typically measured in milligrams by weight or micrometers in size. The company not only provides customized microinjection molding services but also focuses on design details such as extremely thin walls, micro fluid channels or holes with complex design features. These microinjection molded parts require extremely tight tolerances and Veejay Plastic has the capability for both prototype and mass production.

Veejay Plastic has significant technical expertise in microinjection molding technologies. They understand the specifics of microinjection molding, including injection quantity control, mold venting, injection process, part ejection, separation, inspection, storage, positioning and packaging. They are also familiar with the requirements of microinjection molding equipment such as the use of small plasticizing units, precise injection quantity control and ideal injection speeds.

In recent years, the application of microinjection molded parts has grown exponentially, with many customers adopting highly engineered materials like PEEK, ULTEM, LCP, etc. and molding under high temperature conditions. These microinjection molded parts are widely used in mobile phones, communication systems, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, connectors and other fields. Recently, Veejay Plastic Injection succeeded in producing micro spacers weighing less than five milligrams using ultra-high temperature molding technology to make the spacers insulating materials for low temperature systems.



Founded In: 1983
Location: Taiwan
Business Type: Custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, micro injection molding, medical micro molding.
Products and services: Micro molding and precision molding manufacturing.
Company profile: MING-LI PRECISION STEEL MOLDS CO., LTD. is a specialized plastic injection molding mold manufacturer focusing on microinjection molding. They produce small, complex plastic parts with high precision, accuracy and repeatability through effectively handling key elements and optimizing microinjection molding processes, applicable to medical devices, electronics, automobiles and consumer goods industries. The company’s microinjection molding technology is applied in manufacturing micro and precise plastic parts usually in size between micrometers to a few millimeters. Microinjection molding has wide applications in fields such as medical devices, electronics, automobiles and consumer goods, providing these industries with plastic parts of high precision, complexity and repeatability. Through continuous research and development, they push innovation in microinjection molding technology and provide micro, precise and functional plastic parts for various industries.

Tegra Medical


Founded In: 1980
Location: Franklin, MA
Business Type: plastic injection molding manufacturer, medical plastic injection molding companies
Products and services: Micro molding and medical device manufacturing.
Company profile: Tegra Medical is a company dedicated to microinjection molding. They specialize in producing micro-molded plastic components with extremely high precision and complexity. With decades of experience in microinjection molding, the company can manufacture micro-molded parts weighing as little as 0.001 grams (0.00004 ounces). Their capabilities include producing millions of variations of micro-molded parts, manufacturing parts with wall thicknesses as low as 0.15 millimeters (0.006 inches), and maintaining consistency and extreme precision of parts. Tegra Medical also has an in-house mold making team to provide full-fledged microinjection solutions for customers. Their products are widely used in medical devices, ophthalmic surgery, cardiovascular applications, including ear canal hearing aid protection, precise puncture templates for ophthalmic surgery procedures, and covering sheaths for cardiovascular applications. Through its expertise and rich experience, Tegra Medical demonstrates excellence in the field of microinjection molding.


Micro injection molding is a highly precise manufacturing technology that is commonly used in industries such as medical, electronics, automotive and aerospace. Micro injection molding companies typically use advanced equipment and technologies to ensure the parts produced have high precision, high quality and high reliability.

Micro injection molding manufacturers typically offer a full range of injection molding related services, including mold design, mold making, injection molding, secondary processing and assembly. They can also provide customized solutions based on customers’ specific requirements to meet the needs of different industries.

When selecting a micro injection molding suppliers, customers often consider factors such as technical capabilities, quality control, delivery timelines and costs. Therefore, micro injection molding companies typically strive to improve their technical levels and service quality to attract more customers.

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